Inner Sanctum goes 25 man !

Written by Jamesmarcus on . Posted in News

Upon the announcement in Warlords that Mythic will be focusing on 20 man content exclusively, Inner Sanctum converted its ranks towards 25 man. This meant merging with the Various Artists, ex Not So Serious players, and picking up players along the way.

We cleared content in the first week, and have kept to our aim of keeping a smaller roster compared to other guilds. The merge occurred on December 5, 2013 and from that moment on Inner Sanctum was back !


Garrosh Hellscream Down!! 14/14 HC

Written by Meluin on . Posted in News

Today we finally killed Siege of Ogrimmar’s final boss, Garrosh Hellscream, on heroic difficulty. Finishing the last tier with a good Rank#8  of the 10 man teams. Now the raiders are gonna take a well earned break after pushing it those extra hours these last weeks.